City of Shoreview


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Request an Inspection

Inspections are conducted Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 3pm with 48 hours notice. Each inspection is scheduled in 30 minute intervals and will be confirmed by email.

For siding or roofing inexpection requests, you can include photos along with this request. Use the Upload File button to attach photos. Photos will not be required onsite when included with the request for inspection.

Your file has been uploaded!

Scheduled Inspections

Tuesday, February 19th
09:00 am5547 DONEGAL DRPlumbing - Final
09:30 am1754 PINEWOOD DRBuilding - Final
10:00 am495 W SHORE CTFooting
01:00 pm5716 FAWN LNPlumbing - Rough In
02:30 pm5754 POND DRBuilding - Final
Wednesday, February 20th
09:00 am990 HILL CTHVAC - Final
09:01 am990 HILL CTPlumbing - Final
09:02 am990 HILL CTPlumbing - Final
Thursday, February 21st
01:00 pm5716 FAWN LNPlumbing - Final
02:00 pm4336 VICTORIA N STBuilding - Final
02:30 pm495 W SHORE CTPoured Wall
Friday, February 22nd
03:00 pm726 COUNTY ROAD I WPlumbing - Rough In
03:00 pm315 DENNISON AVEPlumbing - Final